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In a constantly evolving economy, new working patterns are emerging. But unpredictable events can occur regardless your activity. If you can’t work because of sickness or disability, how do you pay the loan for your house and all your expenses? With Income protection insurance. The most common insurance is loan insurance, but Income Protection Insurance covers more cases, including the growing market of GIG workers. Did you know that the Income Protection Insurance shortfall in Europe is estimated around 750 billion euros?

Behavoir based health
risk management

Innovative and competitive, launched 1st June 2022 a usage-based insurance. An IoT-based mobile app dynamically collects health related personal data. The app regularly gives users advice for a healthier life. Thanks to the collected data, the app rewards healthy conscious policyholders with lower rates. support helps you follow.
WHO recommendations to live better and longer

Loan insurance

Since 2018, wedou is offering the most simple and efficient access to loan insurance: reducing the price up to 50% less in just a few clicks with premium online support!
After a quick estimation, the visitor logs in to receive the savings on his insurance. At this moment, wedou’s unique support platform creates a work card and algorithmically assigns it to the most appropriate home-based gig advisor available. This freelancer can assist the visitor by chat, SMS, phone or email.  This considerably increases the conversion rate, that reaches 24%, and the contract value versus acquisition cost ratio, that reaches 7,5.

Gig Income protection

A flexible Income Protection offer challenging the national social security solution with an ultra low cost/better garanties coverage for independants.



Licenced to operate in all EU countries, designed a versatile GIG income protection offer adpapted to Europeans self-employed needs. Scalable pricing and distibution model support our growth ambitions on the European market. Join our international team to disrupt the income protection in Europe!

Sometimes A Video Is Better Than A Few Words...

We let you discover wedou - the most simple and efficient access to loan insurance. It allows to reduce the price by up to 50%, get an augmented insurance journey and usage-based pricing.

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